The Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The basic information about cover letter

If you want to visit Turkey, you should obtain a visa – a travel document that enables you to enter the country and stay there for a temporary period.

There are many types of visa to Turkey, according to the purpose (a business, a transit, or a tourist visa, etc.), length of stay, number of entries (single-entry, multiple-entry, etc.), or way of getting it (e-Visa, regular visa, visa on arrival). Some of them require a cover letter for Turkey visa as the condition to apply.

In this article, we present a guide on how to write a visa cover letter and what are the main visa types to Turkey.

What is a Cover Letter in Visa?

A cover letter for a visa application could be a necessary document to complete the process of getting a visa. It presents the purpose of your visit, and you need to prepare it for the embassy to justify your stay. In this letter, you should introduce yourself and say something more about the trip.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Visa Application?

Consider the following information in your covering letter added to the visa application in order to be accepted and visit Turkey:

  • short self-introduction
  • the purpose of your stay
  • relationship with people you travel with (if any)
  • details about your sponsor such as name, relationship, reasons regarding sponsorship (if any)
  • the justification why you don’t meet requirements (if any)
  • the reasons why you need to visit the country a few times (in case you apply for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa)
  • short details about the destinations that you are going to visit
  • summary of the travel history (if any)
  • promise that you are going back to your home country.

Remember that it is essential to highlight that you have never violated the rules of the visited places. Your points should be solid/not lengthy, and additional information needs to be valid.

The document shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages, and the grammar/punctuation must be good. Besides, you should attach certificates that prove your statements.

A Types of Turkish Visas

There are many Turkish visas, so you need to decide which one is perfect for your stay. Not all of them require a cover letter; however, it is good to know how to write it. Below, we present the most popular types of visas to Turkey.

Online Visa

The online visa for Turkey is a very convenient option as you don’t need to visit the embassy or consulate. The whole process is done electronically – you just need a device with an internet connection. You can pick a single-entry or multiple-entry permit and use your e-Visa for tourism or business purposes.

When it comes to the application process, you visit the website, click on the application button, complete the form, cover the fee, and wait for confirmation. After that, you will get your online visa in PDF form via email.

Turkish Tourist Visa

If you want to visit Turkey for sightseeing, leisure, visiting friends and family, etc., you need to apply for a tourist visa. The best option is to apply online.

Business Visa

A business visa is a perfect option for those who enter Turkey for reasons like meetings, conferences, dealings, etc. In this case, a cover letter could be needed to obtain a visa.

Student Visa

When your main purpose of the visit is educational (studies, courses, internships, etc.), you need to obtain a visa for a student. Besides the application and other necessary documents, you need to have a cover letter.

Work Visa

A work visa is designed for those who visit Turkey for employment purposes. It is necessary to prepare all documents, such as medical insurance, certificates, and tickets, as well as book an appointment at the embassy in order to get this visa.

Other types

Also, it is possible to apply for other visa types, like a diplomatic visa or a medical treatment one. Pick the option that is perfect for you, and enjoy your stay.

Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The Application Process for a Turkey Tourist Visa

The visa application process depends on the visa type. Generally, for a tourist visa, you need to:

  1. Check the requirements and prepare the necessary documents.
  2. Complete the visa application form and provide information such as name, surname, date of birth, etc.
  3. Cover the fee.
  4. Wait for the confirmation.
  5. Receive your visa.

Usually, the process is straightforward and easy, so you don’t need to worry.

What are the Requirements for a Turkey visa?

The requirements depend on nationality, visa type, and other aspects. Basically, you need to take into consideration preparing:

  • a valid passport
  • a passport’s bio-data page photo/scan
  • a photo of the face
  • cover letter.

Besides, you need to pay the necessary fee and grab a device with an internet connection in an e-Visa case.