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Turkey visa application

Turkey has one of the most complicated visa systems in the world. Different visa requirements are designated for different nationalities. There is a long list of countries that can visit Turkey visa-free; some may cross the border with just an ID, some even with an expired ID.

However, the countries that are not eligible to enter Turkey without a visa need an electronic visa permit. Fortunately for travellers, eVisa to Turkey can be handled in a few minutes entirely online!

Check if your country is eligible for an electronic visa permit and apply online using our services to ensure a quick and successful visa approval.

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Turkish eVisa types

There are two types of Turkish eVisa that we can distinguish between. Both serve for tourism and business purposes only. You can visit your friends and family residing in Turkey, explore the country as a tourist, or attend a business meeting or conference.

Visa type that travellers are eligible for depends on their nationality. Traveller’s nationality also may influence the length of their stay in Turkey.

EVisa types are as follows:

  • a multiple-entry visa that allows a total of 90 days spent in Turkey (within a 180-day period)
  • a single-entry visa allowing a 30-day stay in Turkey (a 180-day period)

A multiple-entry visa

24 countries can apply for the multiple-entry visa and most of them without attaching any additional documents. South Africa and Armenia can use this type of visa for a total of 30 days within the six months validity. China and Taiwan are an exception; nationals from these countries need to also include the following documents in their application:

  • evidence of the bought return ticket and hotel reservation
  • a roundtrip ticket that was booked with one of these airlines: Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air, or AtlasGlobal Airlines
  • and proof of sufficient funds for the stay (at least $50 or an equivalent of $50 for each day)

A single-entry visa

When it comes to the second eVisa to Turkey type, i.e., the single-entry visa, 70 countries qualify to apply for it. The countries eligible for this visa type are divided into 10 groups; each group has its’ own additional documents to prepare before applying. Amongst these requirements is, e.g., a valid visa or proof of permanent residence in one of the Schengen area countries, Ireland, UK, or the USA.

The Maldives is the only exception in this visa type regarding their length of stay; Maldives citizens can use a single-entry visa for a 90-day stay.

Complete requirements for a Turkish eVisa

As was already mentioned, eVisa to Turkey requirements differ according to what your nationality is. We can group the requirements into basic requirements that every country needs to meet and the additional documents that need to be attached by countries that need to do so.

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Primary visa to Turkey requirements

  • a passport valid for at least six months forth from the planned entry to Turkey date
  • an active e-mail address to have access to the visa confirmation number and eVisa PDF version once it’s approved

Additional documents to attach

  • evidence of holding a valid visa or permanent residency in one of the Schengen area countries, UK, USA, or Ireland
  • proof of having a return ticket
  • proof of hotel reservation
  • a roundtrip ticket booked with specified airlines (mentioned earlier)
  • evidence of having sufficient funds for the trip (at least $50 for each day or an equivalent in any currency)

These differ across different nationalities; find which visa type you’re eligible for and what visa requirements you need to meet before making your application.

For all Algerian citizens applying for eVisa to Turkey, there is one additional requirement to meet: to be either under 18 or over 35. (Algerian citizens that are of different age need to apply for a regular visa at a Turkish embassy.)

Benefits of applying using our services

Apply for a visa online using our services to grant yourself the highest-quality visa handling experience. An average processing time that has to pass to obtain your electronic visa when our team of professionals takes care of it is just 19 hours!

With a 99% rate of applications successfully approved, many travellers choose our services to make their online application. A quick and easy application process described at the top of the page makes the visa application for a Turkish eVisa so enjoyable.

Visa for Turkey application can be made 24/7 using any preferred device with an internet connection! Make sure to prepare your valid passport and all of the additional documents that need to be attached and file your online application within minutes from home.

In order to get more information about electronic visas: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/


eVisa to Turkey
eVisa to Turkey